The Grant Success Blueprint

Revealed: how to go from grant overwhelm to "I can do this!"

The Grant Success Blueprint

Being successful with grants is all about being organised and ready for the task ahead so you can focus on the writing process.

Many people find the whole grant process confusing, so struggle to get grants written and submitted on time, and get despondent when they are not successful.

In this free guide I share 7 simple tips - techniques I've used to help my clients get at total of $50.8M in grants in the last six years. 

These tips are perfect for community groups and businesses.

Let's make grant writing easier, to increase your chance of success in 2023.

It's important to have an easy system and know what to write and attach to your application.

It helps to kick-start momentum and keep you on track. You’ll feel in control, organised and less stressed.

The strategies I’m sharing with you are based on my 5-step success path to write and submit grants. My success path transforms you from a newbie to a soaring, competent grant writer. 
"Thank you for requesting my Grant Success Blueprint. I use these tips as part of my grant process, and they have helped me gain more than $50.8M in grants for my clients in the last six years." 

- Prue Saxby, Grant Master and Founder of the Grant Writing Academy
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